MAGNUS SEG fluidised bed system

Thermal-biological waste recycling


Thermal-biological waste recycling through sorption-enhanced gasification (SEG) and microbial valorization.
[Photo: IFK, University of Stuttgart]

The SEG process is a fluidized bed gasification process for the production of a high-quality synthesis gas with in-situ CO2 capture using CaO/CaCO3 as the active bed material. In this process, the synthesis gas composition can be tailored with regard to its content of CO, CO2 and H2 by changing the gasification temperature. The SEG process is therefore particularly suitable for downstream valorization processes.

The project is further developing the method so that the technology can be used for the gasification of waste materials. In addition, it will be demonstrated how the synthesis gases produced in the process can be further processed into valuable materials, e.g., short-chain alcohols and organic acids, through microbial valorization.

MAGNUS SEG fluidised bed system
MAGNUS SEG fluidised bed system

Participants in the project

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