Valorization of Bioresources

Introduction and overview of the ValBio projects
[Photo: IBVT, University of Stuttgart]


The acronym ValBio stands for 'Valorization of Bioresources’.

This perhaps somewhat unwieldy term describes an important pillar of the bioeconomy: namely, realizing sustainable economic activity by establishing material cycles with intensive use of renewable biological resources.

ValBio is thus an essential building block on the way to a sustainable circular economy with closed material cycles of, for example, carbon but also other important elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, or metals from electrical engineering and electronics using biotechnological processes.


This image shows Dinah Henritzi

Dinah Henritzi

Dr. rer. nat.

Scientific Co-ordination Manager

This image shows Ralf  Takors

Ralf Takors

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Project Manager

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