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Social Perception of Bioeconomy Products in Baden-Württemberg - theoretical and empirical investigation of the social perception and evaluation of ‘products from residues’.
[Photo: ZIRIUS, University of Stuttgart/acatech]

The concept of the sustainable bioeconomy promises nothing less than the merging of economy and sustainability by means of new technologies. The success of these new bioeconomic methods is based not only on their technical feasibility, but also on their acceptance by the users.

The project investigates how the translation of corresponding technologies can be prepared by recording their social perception and thus accompanied in a methodologically structured way. This is because emerging technologies and innovative products are embedded in socio-technical systems in which technical, political and social factors interact. This perspective therefore does not limit bioeconomic products to material artefacts, but also examines the rules and norms of their application as well as the social consequences. In this way, beyond individual product characteristics, the social and operational embedding also becomes the basis of the assessment.

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